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Night Sketch by Heckfan Night Sketch :iconheckfan:Heckfan 20 0 Pokemon: The Dark Chronicles - 1 by Heckfan Pokemon: The Dark Chronicles - 1 :iconheckfan:Heckfan 2 0 In the Rain by Heckfan In the Rain :iconheckfan:Heckfan 32 8 Scarlet the Ponyta by Heckfan Scarlet the Ponyta :iconheckfan:Heckfan 9 8
The Dark Chronicles Chapter 26
"What do ya mean that was the first part?" I asked in an angry voice. "How long is this going to last?"
The Espeon materialized next to me "As long as I want it to..."
I viciously swiped at him, but my strike went straight through him, as if he was a ghost. He looked at me with that same infuriating grin. His satisfaction in my distress was written all over in pink face. The jewel on his forehead glowed bright, almost blinding me.
"Sometimes I wonder how those without my powers survive." he said in a fake sad voice. 'Do you want to know something my poor dark-type friend?"
I stood up straight in an attempt to calm myself down with a sigh " What?"
His grin wideend as he said "Your brother was attacked last night."
My residing anger returned in a fury. I got into his face with a deep frown on my face "What did you do to my brother, I swear if you put a finger on him I'll kill you."
The Espeon cassualy raised a paw " I didn't do it, all I noticed was a flucuatuon in his life force, meanin
:iconheckfan:Heckfan 1 4
Giovanni's shadow by Heckfan Giovanni's shadow :iconheckfan:Heckfan 16 5 WIP Giovanni by Heckfan WIP Giovanni :iconheckfan:Heckfan 1 1 Scarlet's Deception by Heckfan Scarlet's Deception :iconheckfan:Heckfan 6 12 Merry Holidays from Night by Heckfan Merry Holidays from Night :iconheckfan:Heckfan 13 2 The Dawn of Dusk by Heckfan The Dawn of Dusk :iconheckfan:Heckfan 10 2 Undeniable Humor by Heckfan Undeniable Humor :iconheckfan:Heckfan 11 2 Black's anger by Heckfan Black's anger :iconheckfan:Heckfan 3 0 Accurate Medical Assessment by Heckfan Accurate Medical Assessment :iconheckfan:Heckfan 10 6 White by Heckfan White :iconheckfan:Heckfan 10 7
The Dark Chronicles Chapter 25
I was, in a word, terrified. Everything around me was deteriorating to nothingness. Only seconds before I had been on the side of a grass path with everyone and now I was in a completely flat ,white landscape. Or at least, it looked flat. Since everything was white it was impossible to tell. There was an eerie silence that was very obvious, ussually there was at least some noise, but this place was completely quiet.
I stood up and suddenly felt very heavy, like my bones were made of lead. I found that I would have to exhaust myself just to stand, and I didn't even want to try walking. I looked up at the sky (or what I thought was the sky) and yelled "Is anyone there?"
"I am."
I cocked my head to the source of the sound and was infuristed to instant I saw who was the speaker. It was something that made me angry beyond words.
Standing about 2 meter from me stood a very confident looking, grinning Espeon. His large ears were perked up. His most striking feature was that his eyes were blue
:iconheckfan:Heckfan 1 2
The Dark Chronicles Chapter 24
"All right guys, time to go!" yelled Jack as he stood by the door. After staying for only two nights we were leaving Pewter city. I didn't really like being in Pewter, I wasn't sure if it was how crowded it was, or how it reeked of dirt and gravel, or how I just felt weird there. But in any case, I was glad that we were leaving.
Spark walked past me with an ambient smile on his face, his blue scarf snugly around his neck 'It'll feel good to get some fresh air." He looked at me " Won't it?"
I gave a slight smirk "Yeah."
He patted me on the shoulder and said "Good, then what do you say get going eh buddy?"
I felt a slight feeling kinship in that one moment. That was the very first time I heard Spark call me his buddy and mean it. In fact, that was the first time I heard anyone call me that and mean it. But after that moment was over I simply said "Whatever."
We met the other in the lobby of the hotel. The very first thing that I wanted to do when I got down there was talk to Vapor. The l
:iconheckfan:Heckfan 1 0



It seems I have been tagged by :iconelectric-claw: and despite how long ago Claw did it i shall do my tagging request. Onward!

[] You are cute
[x] You love to play
[x] You don't like getting into fights( I love everybody)
[] You hate the darkness or you are afraid of it
[] You have a best friend forever
[x] You love your best friend very much
[x] You usually don't lie
[] You don't say bad words
[x] Most people love you
[] You are youngest of all your siblings
[] You like to wish upon a star
[] You have a lots of stuffed animals
------TOTAL: 5

[] You can swim
[] You go to swimming pool at least one time a week
[x] You hate the racism( HATE THE RACISM! DX)
[x] Someone has said that you are hot
[x] You are very social
[] You don't spend more than 2 hours on the computer or TV
[x] You enjoy sleeping
[] You know most of your neighbors' names
[x] You can speak in another language than English.
[x] You visit social places
[] People call you a "smiley face"
[] You LOVE spending time in the water
------TOTAL: 6

[] You are a street kid
[] You have been in an accident
[] You usually get into street fights
[] Your favorite kind of music is rap
[] You have been shocked by electricity
[] You seriously need to get a life.
[] People say you're too egoistic
[] You have tried gangsta style
[] You try to be really cool
[] You really want someone
[] Last thing you did before you sit on computer was meeting with someone.
[] You hate something/someone right now
------TOTAL: 0 Wow, that's just sad.

[] You are kind of a hothead
[] people try to calm you down
[] When you want something, you won't stop until you get it.
[] You are seriously waiting for something right now
[] You annoy people.
[x] You like cartoon villains more than heroes
[x] You would like to have red eyes.
[] You were born in summer or spring.
[x] You can think of crazy things
[x] You have burned something
[] You don't like your life at a moment
----TOTAL: 4

[x] You believe in magic
[] Your first boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you
[] You really love someone
[] You believe in love at first sight
[] You haven't tried to smoke,drugs or drink alcohol(Drank wine a couple of times, tasty)
[] You are a goody-goody......
[x] ......or average
[] You get injured easily
[x] People don't really get you
[] You MUST do something right now
[x] You are like a psychic
[x] You have a great sight
------TOTAL: 5

[x] You love the dark.
[x] you like to wear/see/use the color black.
[] glow in the dark stickers are cool.
[x] you are sometimes thought of as evil by your appearance.
[x] you look out for yourself at times.
[x] you have or would like to have a Umbreon in your Pokemon games.
[x] you are terrifyingly silent.
[x] you have eyes that make people timid or afraid.
[x] you have helped or been helped by someone but never said 'you're welcome' or 'thank you'.
[x] you are somewhat of a loner.
[x] you love to go out in the night.
[x] You have excellent vision in dark places.
------TOTAL: 11

[] Fall or spring is one of your favorite seasons.
[x] you adore the color green.
[x] you love flowers but choose not to pick them.
[x] clean, green and pristine is your way of life.
[x] animals adore you and you adore them.
[x] you are a very peaceful person.
[x] you care deeply for anyone even if you do not know them at all.
[x] you enjoy longs walk in nature or the woods.
[x] you are a vegetarian.(Eat your greens)
[] your eyes are or you wish for them to be green.
[] you really can't stand cold days.
[] people really love to be around you.
------TOTAL: 8

[x] Winter days are your favorite seasons.
[x] cold weathers don't phase you with or without a jacket.
[x] you have (or wish to have) amazingly snow white or light blue eyes.
[] You live in a place where it's cold all year round.
[x] Hot days are your most hated time of any week.
[x] you don't mind cold foods.
[x] You have once used a cold joke during cold times.
[x] You adore very much the color white.
[x] you take long walks in the snow.
[x] you have a cold personality.( More like chilly)
[] people can't really call onto you for sympathy.
[] you have heard the song Cold by Crossfade.( But now I must)
Total: 9

I guess that means that my avatar is a perfect match, I am :iconumbreonplz:.

Now to tag...






You don't have to do it, but it is kinda fun.
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